Polos Family Business

since 1969

Polos Group is a group of Family Businesses established in the late ’60s by Michael Polos on Paros Island. The start-up was in the commercial sector with Polos Shop, placed at the heart of Parikia Market street. As a worthy successor from his boss, he succeeds to lead this sector in Paros with the valuable help of his wife. They began to build their dream and family by investing in Paros before the development of tourism. After years of hard work and dealing with many difficulties, they create 3 high competitive businesses: “Polos Shop” – “Polos Tours” – “Polos Hotel”.

Their retirement took place and Michael Polos gave the control to his sons. They managed to maintain the high competition by following the market trends. Nowadays, and after 2 economic crises, the 3 successors sons are continuing this family group successfully, with the highest family principles, “united and determined” to any future challenge.

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Polos Shop

since 1969

Polos Shop was the flagship of the Group and the main job of the founder till his retirement. It is located in Parikias market, in a unique classic building. Its customers are locals and during summertime are tourists. This business is working all year round and offers:

– Fashion wear.

– Workwear clothing.

– All kind of row fabriks and sewing accessories.

– Home linen & bedding options. (matresses, linens, towels, blankets etc.)

– Beach accessories.

– B2B products.

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Polos Tours

since 1972

Polos Tours is serving locals and visistors all year round in trasnportation and leisure sector. It porovides high quality services from its valuable partners. Our partnerships, local and international, helped us to create the “Bible” of leisure services in Paros and Antiparos with great success. This business located at the Port o Paros in Parikia and provides the following services:

– Boat tickets

– Airplane tickets

– Accomodation

– Private transfers (Land, Sea, Air)

– Vehcle rentals (Cars, Scooters, ATVs/Quads, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles)

– Daily Cruises and Excursions in Paros and the most Cycladic islands

– Activities around the island

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Polos Hotel

since 1982

Polos Hotel was a tough decision for Mr Michael and very costly at the same time. 1979 were the initiation year of the building process, which took 3 years to build a hotel of 29 rooms. After 10 years of success, an expansion of 15 rooms was decided, implemented in 1994. The ’90s were a very competitive decade so another expansion decided, in 1999, to follow the competition successfully with a fantastic garden including the swimming pool and a cosy pool bar. Renovations and upgrades take place yearly to continue serving our clients with the best possible value. This business has national and international well-known partners who have been working effectively for many years. The hotel is located at Livadia Beach of Parikia and runs seasonal for around 7 months every year by offering:

– Comfortable and fully equipped rooms which cover most of the customer’s needs, like superior, economy etc

– Rooms includes Air Condition, Smart TV, High-speed internet connection, Satellite TV, rich amenities and more.

– Concierge service

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Polos Private Villa

since 2011

Polos Private Villa is a unique luxurious villa with absolute privacy and an unblocked sea view. As the demands of the accommodation market increased, the group successfully entered this market with this great product. Located at Saint Anargirous, just above Parikia town, “Polos Private Villa” has a breathtaking view of all the Aegean islands and the best sunset on the island. It offers:

– Accommodation for 8 to10 people.
– 2 floors.
– 212 square metres.
– 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.
– BBQ.
– Swimming pool.

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Polos Rent A Car & Rental Agency

since 2014

Polos Rent A Car & Rental Agency located in the port of Paros in Parikia, inside Polos Tours. Our business network is excellent and demanding with local and international partners. This business is growing group’s services range to serve their customers and the market. Having extensive experience in the field of tourism, our rental agency offers the following services:

– Car rental

– Scooters rental

– ATV/Quads rental

– Buggys rental

– Electric vehicles rental

Phone: +30 22840 23614 – Web: poloscarsparos.gr – Social: facebookinstagramgoogleyoutube – Location: map

Polos Private Transfer

Since 2015

Polos Private Transfer is following the market’s needs, like car rental, by increasing the providing services of Polos Group to our customers and competition. As Paros is becoming the new hot spot in tourism, and after the upgraded Airport and more sea lines connecting Paros with many other destinations, Polos Private Transfers is the service that will make you feel relaxed while being on the Island. It will offer you the best value through our partners during your stay in Paros:

– Transfer from point to point

– Chauffer per hour (car rental with driver)

– Private Tours

Phone: +30 22840 23614 – Webpolostransfersparos.gr – email: info@polostransfersparos.gr – Social: facebook, instagram