What is CDW car rental insurance?

What is CDW car rental insurance?

Every time you rent a car, you have to choose what kind of insurance you want.

The most common car rental insurance is mixed CDW insurance.

CDW is a mixed insurance where the renter contributes with an amount in the damages of the car.

If, for example, you rent a car with a CDW mixed insurance and a 300€ exemption, you pay this 300€ as a deposit which is either returned to you if the vehicle is not damaged or in case of damage the amount is offset against the repair cost.

So, if you are involved in an accident due to your own fault, your liability is the amount of the deposit you have paid in advance. Any damage over this amount is covered by the rental company.

The CDW insurance covers the entire vehicle except for damage to tires, rims, mirrors, windows, car interiors and windscreen.

For damages to these places, the renter is 100% liable without any exemption and bears all the cost of the damage.

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