Should I rent a diesel or petrol car in Paros?

Advantages of renting a diesel vs petrol car in Paros

Diesel or petrol?” is a question that interests all drivers since the 10th of November 2011, after lifting the ban on diesel vehicles. The question poses dilemmas as to whether and how much more affordable it is to rent a diesel car and whether there are additional advantages for the environment. Diesel-powered cars have undoubtedly been very popular in recent years due to their low fuel consumption and that, combined with the fuel’s considerably lower price, makes traveling with a diesel car so much more affordable. But there are additional advantages in renting a diesel car for those of you who want to rent one during your vacation or a business trip to Paros.

Advantages of Renting a Diesel vs Petrol Car

  1. Less environmental pollution.We live in a very dangerous era for the future of our environment. However, there are many solutions that can reduce the daily environmental pollution. Technology has helped a lot in developping diesel vehicles, which are less damaging to the environment and the air we breathe, than petrol engines.
  2. A more affordable option. Undoubtedly, diesel engines offer lower consumption costs per kilometer than petrol engines. The amount of savings depends of course on the comparison of petrol and diesel prices at the time of renting the car. It has also been proven that diesel engines are 33% more efficient than petrol engines, although this, of course, depends on the model of the rental car.
  3. Less noise. If you are tired of noisy cars, then our diesel category will be the ideal solution for car rental. Technology has developed a lot in the diesel car categories and has helped greatly in reducing noise levels.

In our company, Polos Rent A Car & Rental Agency, you can find a wide range of diesel cars for rent in Paros which will be able to cover all your needs.

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