What is the deposit and what is the guarantee in car rental?

Do you want to rent a car but are concerned about the amount of the deposit and the guarantee you will need to pay?

A very common concern of customers interested in renting a vehicle is the deposit and the guarantee they will need to pay to our company.

The deposit is mandatory for the reservation of the car for the period of time desired by the customer when making the reservation in any kind of way before coming to the island. This deposit can also be refunded in full to the customer in case of cancellation based on our cancellation policy. Therefore, before you make a reservation, you reccomend you to read our cancellation policy.

What does the guarantee cover when renting a vehicle?

The guarantee covers any damage that may be caused to the vehicle while in your possession such as scratches and dents. In this case, the rental company will deduct the cost of repairing the vehicle from the guarantee you have paid.

Also, if you return the vehicle without fuel when it was delivered to you with a full tank, this amount will, too, be deducted from the guarantee.

The guarantee covers the rental company in case something goes wrong during your reservation. Accidents happen every day and not just on the road. For example, a spilled coffee or even a child’s vomit, that require biological car cleaning, are costs covered by the guarantee.

If, of course, there is no problem when returning the vehicle, the amount will be fully refunded.

How do you calculate the amount of the guarantee?

Usually the amount is calculated based on the type of vehicle, the renting days and your age.

For example, if you book a luxury vehicle and you are 25 years old, the guarantee will cost much more than a small car for someone who is 50 years old.

When will I be charged and how?

The guarantee is paid upon picking up the vehicle.

When will my guarantee be refunded?

Usually it takes 10 business days for the money to be refunded by the rental company and to show up on your credit or debit card balance.

No matter the amount of the guarantee, it will be reserved only for the period of time that the vehicle is in your possession.

When you drop off the vehicle, our company checks it and if there is no problem, we immediately refund the entire guarantee.

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