Easter in Paros

Easter in Paros

In Paros at Easter, you can feel the overwhelm and the celebration. Immersed in its blue colors and its beautiful aesthetics, Paros welcomes Easter together with Spring. The island is filled with colors and unique smells as it becomes a tourist attraction from all over the world.

Paros’ customs that revive in the various settlements keep alive the interest and desire of those who want to live in Paros the Easter every year.

While Paros is one of the most popular destinations globally, what gives it extra charm is that its inhabitants are committed to the customs and traditions of their place.

The beloved island of Panagia celebrates Easter full of sounds of nostalgia and hope, with colors and smells but most of all with the devotion and faith in the Resurrection. By renting a car you will visit the beautiful settlements and villages of Paros and get to know up close all the customs that the island inhabitants hold with respect for years.

On Holy Thursday, the women of the village of Marpissa take the road to the Metropolitan Church to spend the night there, spending the night with Jesus and decorating his Epitaph. The following day, they and a crowd of people watch the decapitation in Agios Georgios of Lagada in a beautiful natural setting and then offer the Miracles to forgive the souls.

The culmination comes on Good Friday, where the Representation of the Passions takes place. Marpissa in Paros has one of the most traditional Epitaphs.

During the procession, children dressed as Romans or disciples of Jesus represent scenes from the Resurrection of Lazarus, the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the Repentance of Magdalene, the Last Supper, Pontius Pilate, the Prayer at, the Ascension of Jesus to Golgotha, the cry before Judas, the hanging of Judas, the Crucifixion, the Apostasy and the Epitaph. All this exceptional experience is completed with the “Table of Love” that is traditionally set up every year, at noon on Easter Sunday, at the stadium of Marpissa. Excellent traditional dishes and island music accompany the celebration.

Corresponding religious representations take place in the villages of Marmara, Prodromo, Lefkes and Aspro Chorio.

By renting a car in Paros, you will comfortably visit the most exciting places.

In Parikia, causes awe the meeting of the three Epitaphs in the port and the crowded procession on the beach of the city and the traditional settlement.

On Holy Saturday night, the island is shaken by the merry Resurrection bells, and people pour into the streets to share the holy light and exchange wishes of love.

And in the summer, Parikia may have the leading role with the big celebration in honor of the Virgin Mary, but on Easter Sunday, the big party is set up in the port of Naoussa.

With an all-day party from all the shops with one music, everyone becomes a group in the port of Naoussa, celebrating the Resurrection from morning until late at night.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience the Second Resurrection in Naoussa, with the sounds of burlots during the procession of the icon of the Virgin Mary.

An island with a strongly traditional character, Paros at Easter praises the passions and celebrates the Resurrection.

Happy Easter!

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