By renting a car in Paros, you will comfortably discover the island’s capital, the picturesque Parikia. Parikia with the old town is embraced with religious, archaeological and cultural monuments of great interest and stands out for its unique aesthetics, exceptional neoclassical mansions, the medieval churches of its settlement, the local workshops, the traditional alleys, the historic fountains, and its island-like hanging courtyards.

The well-known, White Mill, located in Paros’ historic and busy port welcomes thousands of people every summer. In Parikia, you will see wonderful cafes and gourmet restaurants, beautiful taverns with Parian food, wonderful shops hidden in its picturesque alleys, and one of the Cyclades’ most beautiful sunsets, which takes place between two rocks, the “Gates of Paros”.

The Hills of Agios Konstantinos and Agia Anna in Paros are among the best places to choose, to see the sunset in Parikia. The view and intensity of the colours of the Sky will enchant you at that time.

Parikia of Paros is also the starting point for various daily sea excursions to other neighbouring islands of the Cyclades.

daily cruise is a wonderful experience that will fill your summer with wonderful images and memories.

The activitiesthe road excursions, and the points of interest that one can choose to see in the Parikia of Paros, are many and vary according to the interest of each visitor.

 Points of interest in Parikia, Paros

• The famous church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (4th century)

• The Archaeological Museum

• A rich collection of church icons and relics is housed in the ground floor cells of the south wing of Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia

• The Venetian castle built by the Duke of Naxos Sanoudos in the 13th century.

• The archaeological site of the Asclepieion

• The ancient cemetery dating from the 8th BC

• Delion, famous sanctuary of Apollo, in Krotiri

• The monastery of Agioi Anargyroi in a pine forest with amazing views.

• The male monastery of Longovarda, northeast of Parikia, founded in the 17th century

• The monastery of the Savior or Christ’s Transfiguration in the Forest, south of Parikia, in the place “Psychopiana”.

• “Petaloudes” an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty with unique Butterflies near the village of Psychopiana.

• The mansion Krispi with its long history

• Cultural Center-Museum “Anthemion”:

• Paros Festival

• Beaches: Livadia, Krios, Marcelo, Kaminia, Souvlia, Parasporos, Agia Irini


By renting a car in Paros, you can enjoy the intense and busy Naousa. Naousa in Paros has its unique pattern of contrasts that you will love with unchanging picturesqueness and serenity.

Naousa has the most beautiful little port of the Aegean, with idyllic bars, picturesque fish taverns with fresh fish, and restaurants that excite every palate. Everything coexists harmoniously, triggering your summer vacation. Naousa becomes a pole of attraction for every visitor to Paros with its picturesque and at the same time cosmopolitan air. A walk-in its beautiful alleys with the white houses bathed in bougainvillaea will convince you of its authentic Cycladic beauty. The charming Naoussa is located in a sheltered bay north of Paros and has the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades, is one of the busiest and most picturesque ports in Greece.

Attractions in Naoussa, Paros

By renting the right vehicle in Paros, you will be able to visit all the Naoussa΄s places that are of particular interest, without leaving your program at all.

• Festival in Agios Ioannis Detis

• Historical-Folklore Museum of Otto Kapari

• The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros

• The Mycenaean Acropolis of Paros in Naoussa

• Byzantine Museum of Naoussa

• Folklore Museum of Naoussa

• Venetian Castle of Naoussa

• The island of Ag. Kalli, that celebrates once a year.

• The Moraitis winery, next to the beach of Agioi Anargyroi.

• Fish Festival

• Beaches: Kolimbithres, Ambelas, Santa Maria, Laggeri, Piperi, Agioi Anargyroi


Lefkes is a traditional village that dates back to the 15th century and takes its name from the many Lefkes surrounding it. The town is 11 km from Parikia and is an extremely picturesque, mountain village with a genuine Cycladic character. Lefkes was the first capital of Paros. They built amphitheatrically, and each visitor must leave his rental car at the village entrance as inside the village, he moves exclusively on foot. It is an excellent opportunity to assimilate the village’s pulse and the Cycladic authenticity, which the people of Lefkes maintain even today. The wonderful square of the town, in Lefkes with the traditional cafe that emerges as a theatre stage is one of the Cyclades’ references points.

Every summer on the first Saturday, after the 15th of August, the cultural association “YRIA LEFKON”, holds one of the most significant events that take place in Lefkes of Paros, the Feast of Karavolas (folk festival), with music, theatrical performances, traditional dances and excellent Parian food. If you are in Paros at that time, it is worth visiting Lefkes and the festival of Karavolas.

Attractions in Lefkes of Paros

• The church of the Agia Triada.

• The church of St. Barbara, built on the ruins of the medieval church of the Resurrection,

• Agia Theodosia, with icons and representations of the 17th century

• Saint Catherine

• Agia Paraskevi, which is considered the first church of the first settlement that was created here in the 15th century.

• The monastery of Agia Kyriaki

• Of Agios Ioannis of Kaparos

• Of Saint John the Theologian

• Of Agios Georgios in Lagada.

• Folklore museum

• The pottery workshop of Ioannis and Virginia Kidonieas who, for 40 years, create wonderful pottery works with designs inspired by the folk tradition of the island.

• The Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi Longovarda


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Aliki of Paros is 12 km from the port of Parikia and 3 km from the airport. It got its name from Alykes are there.

Aliki is one of the most picturesque and sheltered seaside villages of Paros. The island visitors often visit it for its beautiful beaches and its ¨delicious¨ traditional taverns. Simultaneously, many visitors do not change Aliki with anything else, for its island beauty and simplicity. From Aliki as soon as the summer season opens, speed and traditional boats start for daily cruises mainly to the beautiful Antiparos and other neighbour islands. A fantastic fun experience in the crystal clear blue waters of the Cyclades that you should not miss.

The beaches of Aliki: Agios Nikolaos, Piso Aliki, Farangas

Point of Interest in Aliki of Paros

• Cycladic Folklore

• Local Festival of Agios Ioannis of Klidonas


Marpissa in southwestern Paros, is one of the most beautiful villages, with medieval monuments, remarkable churches and museums. Maintaining its authenticity until today, Marpissa has remained unchanged in time, with its houses built, next to each other and with intermediate doors each, to escape from the then (15th century) pirate invasions.

Rent a car in Paros and wander in the beautiful Marpissa, it will win you over with the simplicity that surrounds it and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.. Every year in August a three-day experiential festival is organized in Marpissa “Routes in Marpissa” to get to know the village through thematic excursions and experiential games. They listen, party and dance to music events, see exhibitions and mansions that open exclusively to the public in those days.

Beaches:  of Piso Livadi, Pounda, Logaras, Chrysi Akti  and Drios located in Marpissa.

Attractions in Marpissa of Paros

• The Perantinos Sculpture Museum

• Folklore Museum of Marpissa

• Parion Cheese Factory

• Hill of Kefalos

• Monastery of Agios Antonios

• Monastery of Agios Georgios


Rent the vehicle of your choice quickly and with absolute safety and visit a wonderful village, very close to Lefkes, Prodromos of Paros. The village took its name from Agios Ioannis Prodromos’ church, a 17th-century building of unparalleled importance ancient icons and wood carvings. The inhabitants of Paros honour Agios Ioannis Prodromos with a grand celebration, on the 23rd of July. The village Prodromos in Paros, we find it from the Middle Ages, and its old name was Dragoulas or Tragoulas from Tragio Apollo, who was the protector of the shepherds, in Paros. With traditional cafes and taverns with genuine Parian cuisine, a very picturesque village, Prodromos of Paros, will win you over with its Cycladic simplicity. Characteristic is the large arch, with a bell tower that connects two churches, Agios Spyridon and Agios Nikolaos, and located at the village entrance. For those who love hiking, the Byzantine path connecting Lefkes with Prodromos offers a unique route lasting about one and a half hours through olive groves and vineyards. The way was built a thousand years ago and paved with large marble slabs for the most part.

Attractions in Prodromos of Paros

• Monastery of Panagia

• Monastery of Agios Panteleimon

• Summer Revitada Festival

Some Information from the text listed on the website of the Municipality of Paros


Renting a car in Paros will help you significantly in your excursions, offering you comfort and greater enjoyment.

On the road that connects Parikia with Lefkes is Marathi, with the famous Parian marble’s ancient quarries. These quarries are known for the excellent quality of white Marble, the “Paria litho”, as they called it. Ancient quarries were mined there from the 7th BC century and were the main source of wealth and fame for Paros’ island. Parian Marble was the first material for sculpture with its exceptional quality, as it was known since antiquity as the best in Greece. From the Parian Marble,  made Aphrodite of Milos, Hermes of Praxiteles, the Parthenon’s Gables. Also, there is information from the Old Testament that the Temple of Solomon’s marbles came from Paros (1: 29.2 ). Paros was an important centre for the extraction and processing of Marble and the home of many famous antiquity sculptures, such as Skopas and Agoracritus, a student of Pheidias.


A rental car will be necessary in Paros, as it will cover all your needs for exploration and comfort on your excursions.

The village got its name from the scattered marbles that existed around. Marmara of Paros is a fertile village with rich agricultural and livestock production, built with traditional Cycladic architecture. Typical are the Parian marble troughs that exist in the village.

Attractions in the Marmara of Paros

• The cheese factory of the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Paros

• The church of Taxiarchis of the 17th century


Kostos is a traditional settlement of Paros near Marathi, with picturesque cobbled streets and a wonderful square with giant plane trees, which keep the best company, whoever drinks his coffee there.