East of Paros, you will find the picturesque port of Piso Livadi and Logaras with the shallow blue waters and the taverns on the Sea.

To the north, you should see the extensive beach of Molos with the windsurfing school and visit the beach of Kalogeros for a natural spa. In the south, have fun on the busy beach of Pounta and dive into the wonderful waters of the famous Chrysi Akti with the water sports infrastructure. Nea Chrysi Akti in Paros is a reference point in windsurfers and kite surfers’ meetings throughout Greece.

Chrysi Akti

Rent a car in Paros and combine your swim in the beautiful beach of Chrysi Akti with a visit to the surrounding settlements

Chrysi Akti is one of the best beaches in Paros. It is located on the island’s southeastern coast, 20 km from Parikia and 16 km from cosmopolitan Naoussa. This famous beach got its name from the colour of the sand, which is like gold dust.

Chrysi Akti beach in Paros is known to windsurfing lovers worldwide. The appropriate wind conditions created on the beach during the summer months (and not only) attract professionals and amateurs from all over the world. Chrysi Akti beach has been hosting the Windsurfing World Cup for years.

The beach is very well organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, beach bars, restaurants and water sports centres with the best options. The waters are crystal clear.

Access to Chrysi Akti is easy as there are frequent bus services to the beach from Parikia and Naoussa. There is also ample parking if you use your rental car

Nea Chrysi Akti (Tserdakia)

The beach of Nea Chrysi Akti (Tserdakia) in Paros, raises the excitement in the red, to the lovers of water sports as it is the area where the winds have been recorded with the most incredible intensity and duration. In combination with the waves of the sea, the direction of the wind creates excellent conditions for jumping. Superb sandy beach marked with a blue flag, Nea Chrysi Akti beach is known worldwide as one of the most ideal beaches in the Mediterranean for water sports and especially for wind-surfing. In the early ’90s, the New Gold Coast in Paros was established as a perfect place to hold the annual world wind-surfing championship.


Rent the car of your choice in Paros and visit Pounda Beach, located on the east coast of Paros and has nothing to do with the area of ​​Pounda, on the west coast of the island, where Antiparos runs.

The beach of Pounda consists of sand and crystal clear waters, as it is 18 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros and 14 km from Naoussa, located on the extensive beach of Piso Livadi. It is not very long compared to other well-known beaches and very well organized.

It has umbrellas, sunbeds and a surrounding area reminiscent of a small village.

The cosmopolitan, club of Pounda beach is built amphitheatrically, with a dreamy view of the Aegean. It has a large swimming pool with clear water, and around it, bars serve whatever you want, accompanied by loud music from the famous DJs. Pounda beach is known for its luncheon parties that last until the evening.

The music reaches the blond sandy beach with the turquoise waters that take their colour, from the trees’ shadows that exist on the beach. The beach of Pounta has large comfortable umbrellas and sunbeds and enough space if you wish to spread your towel in the shade of the trees.

Pounda Beach is one of the most popular beaches for fun, liveliness and fun in Paros. The visitors of Paros having carved memories of years from Pounda.  The beach attracts young people and athletes and the summer months are full.

Pounda beach is on the list of “hot spots” for windsurfing lovers. It is considered a sports beach and is famous for its strong winds and intense rhythms.

Approaching the windswept Punta, do not be surprised if you see daring kite surfers gliding on the waves with great speed as they take off in the air.

Admission to the Punda Beach Club is free, and you can reach either by your means of transport or by the buses of KTEL Paros.


Renting a car in Paros, you will find the beach of Molos, 17 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros and 13 km from Naoussa. Molos is not an organized beach, and there is only a small water sports centre where you can rent equipment and take windsurfing lessons.

Molos beach is one of the most suitable places for family swimming. The children have infinite space for games, and the beach visitors not crowded due to its size.

They often anchor private boats in the bay, because of the calm and the pure energy it emits.

Molos in Paros offers moments of deep relaxation and a magical beach that has seen Naxos. In the southern part of Molos, a small port hosts fishing boats, a picturesque tavern with delicious Parian food and fish, and a little church.of Saint Nikolaos.

Rent a car in Paros and get to know the most beautiful parts of the island. North and South of the beach of Molos you will see two hills, Kefalos and Antikefalos.

At the top of the hill south of Molos, is the Monastery of Agios Antonios.

You can only get there by your means, with careful driving as the road has a lot of calling. The most daring can reach on foot.

The Monastery of Agios Antonios in Paros is open to visitors and has a beautiful view of the entire surrounding area and the west coast of Naxos.

A visit to Molos of Paros and its beach will be unforgettable.


Kalogeros beach is about 12 km from Naoussa and 17 km from Parikia. Renting a car in Paros, nearby and south of Molos is the beautiful beach Kalogeros with the sand’s unique colour, and the mud, known for skincare.

In the northern part of Kalogeros beach, you will find rocks made of clay. This clay is known for its healing properties.

Many visitors spread clay on their bodies and sunbathe or rub their bodies with sand and then rinse in the sea. To get there you will follow a dirt road, the thin point of the small peninsula, which rises above the sea. The cliffs contribute to a unique setting.

Kalogeros beach consists of sand and small pebbles, and the local legend says that it took its name from a monk who committed suicide there, falling from a rock.

Kalogeros beach in Paros, as a pristine beach in a Natura 2000 area, is not organized, it will be useful to have water and snacks with you. The nearest store located in the village of Marmara, about 2 km away.

You can reach Kalogeros beach, by your means of transport or by Paros KTEL which will leave you in the village of Marmara. Kalogeros beach has free parking.

It is worth visiting Kalogeros beach in Paros, especially if you are looking for a quiet, remote and unspoilt location.


Renting a car in Paros will offer you ease in your movements and flexibility in the excursions of every moment. Logaras is located on the southeast coast of Paros and is 18 km from Parikia, the island’s capital and 13 km from Naoussa.

The coast of Logaras beach is 350 meters long and covered with fine blond sand. Its blue crystal clear waters gradually deepen, which makes it suitable for small swimmers as well. The seabed of Logaras beach is rich and ideal for snorkelling lovers, as the rock formations in the northern part of the beach are ideal for endless dives. The beach stands out for its lush landscape consisting of large tamarisk trees and trees, ready to offer you their coolness. The beach of Logaras in Paros, is fully organized, has a beach bar, umbrellas and sunbeds, lifeguard and taverns with local traditional food.

Renting the car of your choice in Paros, you will have the ease to visit the wonderful beach of Logaras, one of the best options for sports lovers, as it has the necessary facilities for water skiing, pedal boating, beach volleyball court etc. Logaras is quite an open bay and relaxing on the beach; you will enjoy the fantastic view of Naxos.

In a small distance, North of Logaras, you can reach it by food,  is the beautiful settlement of Piso Livadi.  There are delicious dining options too in taverns serving fantastic dishes of fresh seafood and fish.

Access to the beach is by road through the ring road that connects Naoussa with Piso Livadi, as it is not far from the settlement of Marpissa.

Another alternative way  to visit it is by public transport starting from Parikia.


Rent a car in Paros and make a wonderful road trip to Drios. Drios is a quiet, picturesque, seaside village on the southeast coast of Paros. It is 23 km from Parikia and 17 km from Naoussa.

Drios beach is a small beach, with pebbles, and has vegetation and running water. Away from the busy beaches, the beach of Drios is ideal for those seeking their tranquillity. In Drios you will not find sunbeds and umbrellas but tamarisk trees that offer exceptional coolness. The waters are crystal clear, blue and very clear. The beach of Drios is protected from north winds and rarely has a wave.

There is a small port in the eastern part of Dryos beach, with the traditional boats and fishing boats, which give the taverns of Dryos every day fresh fish. Behind the little port, there is another beach, smaller, with pebbles and tamarisk, and is the right choice if you encounter waves on the first beach.

In Drios you will enjoy picturesque taverns with superb local cuisine, fresh seafood and island atmosphere. Very close to the northeast of Drios is the famous beach of Paros, Chrysi Akti.

Drios is connected to Parikia by regular bus services. However, you can quickly, and more fun visit it, by renting a car in Paros, combining it with a road excursion to the surrounding settlements, thus knowing the other parts of the island of Paros.