The beautiful, natural bay of Parikia, the island’s capital, is large and windless as it is closed to the north. In Parikia, there is the organized beach Livadia, with calm, clear waters and many sports activities. Going up to Krotiri, the view of the whole Parikia seems impressive. Please do not neglect to take a dip in the beautiful waters of Krios beach; its calm green waters will fascinate you, as well as the restaurant kitchen that can accompany your dive.

A little further, the excellent Marcello with the most beautiful view of Parikia and its unique clear blue waters are worth a visit, although you can only go once. Right next door, and if you prefer a quiet bathroom without organization with shade from the few trees, you will find Kaminia. Clear crystal clear waters with a sandy beach suitable for incredible moments of relaxation.

From the ring road of Parikia to the airport, another excellent choice for wave lovers is the organized beach of Parasporos.

Continuing to make a stop at the unorganized beach Souvlia or Delfini and enjoy a swim as you drink your cocktail in one of the most idyllic Bar-Restaurants of Paros with outstanding ethnic cuisine. Do not neglect to see Agia Irini’s beach with its tropical palm trees and beautiful waters, which will leave you with a tropical memory in the Cycladic landscape.


Livadia beach in Paros is popular and busy. Awarded with a Blue Flag, Livadia beach in Parikia is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, while along it is all kinds of taverns and bars. At Livadia beach, in Paros, you will find several water sports and activities as well as the sailing facilities of the Nautical Club of Paros. Lovers of the game on the sea or the beach will find what they are looking for at Livadia Beach in Parikia.

By renting a car in Paros, you will have easy and comfortable access to Livadia, one of Paros’ busiest beaches. Livadia beach has many visitors every summer, mainly because it is so close to Parikia, just one kilometre from the centre of Parikia and north of its port. Tourists and locals of Parikia easily enjoy it for a refreshing dip.

At Livadia beach in Paros, you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, water sports centres which offer many options even for the most active. If you are a big company and you like beach volleyball, you can use the beach court.

Livadia located in a bay, it is the right choice for swimming when the days with strong north winds prevail. You will not encounter big waves there.

In the southern part of the beach, there are taverns and cafes almost on the sand. Still, along the way, you will find even more dining and entertainment options, as well as excellent restaurants to accompany you to the beautiful sunset. The area has hotels and rooms for rent that offer a magnificent view of Parikia and the whole bay that gets the magical colours of the setting sun in the afternoon.


One of the best beaches of Paros, Marcello beach is located 3 km north of the centre of Parikia. With a long sandy beach, the natural continuation of the Krios coast, Marcello beach is protected from the north winds. Due to its location, waves are rarely disturbed, except on days when strong south winds prevail, rare in the summer months. The waters of Marcello beach, despite the crowds, are crystal clear. and in the summer months, it is usually full.  Marcello beach is very well organized.

It has sunbeds and umbrellas, beach volleyball court for the most athletic guests, beach bar with music and restaurant. If you prefer something calmer, you can go west, where you will find hidden sandy coves, only a few meters long.

By renting a car in Paros you will reach Marcelo, easily and quickly from the road that makes the circle of the bay of Parikia. Another way and very relaxing to visit Marcello is the traditional boats, which run regularly from the port of Parikia.

Marcello beach in Parikia has a large area with several trees for shade, crystal blue waters and magnificent views. The whole landscape and location make you think you are in paradise!


Kaminia located on the Gulf of Parikia’s northern shores just after Marcelo beach and before the church of Agios Fokas. Renting the vehicle of your choice in Paros at 4 km from Parikia, you will swim in one of the most beautiful and natural beaches of Paros, Kaminia. The beach overlooks the capital of Paros and the whole bay of Parikia. Its waters are crystal clear. Kaminia is not an organized beach; some trees near the sand offer natural shade. Due to its location, Kaminia beach has no waves, even when strong north winds blow. Kaminia beach is the ideal solution for a quiet, relaxing swim near Parikia, away from the crowds.

Kaminia is a long sandy beach with incredible, unpretentious natural beauty that invites you to enjoy it. For lovers of exploration, very close to the cape of Agios Fokas is the cave of Archilochos, a large hole in the almost vertical coast. According to tradition, the great poet of antiquity, Archilochus, sought inspiration there. Kaminia beach has easy access by boat (regular itineraries) from the port of Parikia, or you can enjoy it by renting the vehicle of your choice, giving more flexibility to your vacation.


Krios beach in Paros located in the gulf of Parikia. Protected from strong winds, it is directly opposite the capital of Paros. Access is accessible by car as the signs, after Livadia in Parikia, will lead you straight to Krios. Rent the car of your choice in Paros and just 3 km from Parikia you will find the beautiful beach of Krios. You can also use one of the traditional boats that run regularly from the port of Parikia, while enjoying an excellent sea route

Krios beach is one of the organized beaches of Paros and quite popular. With tamarisk trees almost touching the sea and calm crystal clear waters, the beach owes its name to the currents that reach there. The waters are relatively shallow, outwards, while their surface almost resembles a lake, as the location is protected from the weather, making Aries one of the best beaches in Paros. It is visited by both Parikia and Naoussa, which is 13 km away.

On the beach of Krio, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, restaurant and Camping Krios.

Small Boats often visit it as it has a natural tiny harbour that helps them moor and visits the beach and the restaurant’s remarkable cuisine. Krios beach is one of the beaches of Paros that combine swimming with gastronomy. In the restaurant of Krios beach, you will find unique and delicious food flavours that perfectly match the island’s style. Many people visit it in the evening, choosing one of the beautiful wines, by the sea with the whole Parikia’s magical view.


Renting the car of your choice in Paros, in only 2.5km. west of Parikia, you will meet Parasporos. The area is quite secluded and quiet, even though the beach is famous. Parasporos beach in Paros, preserving the natural environment with tamarisk trees and crystal clear waters.

Parasporos is a large organized sandy beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and bars with food and drink. Many of these bars organize parties during the summer season where guests have fun dancing and listening to music, combining bathing with carefree summer fun. With one side organized, while the other free, having free space for your individual umbrella, Parasporos beach, several times has  waves and gathers people who like it.

On windy days, waves reach the shore of Parasporos which are much smaller in its northern part. Parasporos beach  mainly attracts young visitors in Paros. Access to the coast of Parasporos is by taxi, car, motorbike or bus. The bus leaves you on the Parikia ring road’s main road and then follow the road to the beach. The water is crystal clear with small pebbles and sand.


Book your car rental in Paros at the best market prices and enjoy comfortably the most beautiful parts of the island.

Souvlia beach is easily and quickly accessible, by your own means of transport, motorbike or car as the KTEL buses of Paros will leave you on the ring road.

Υou should definitely look for Souvlia beach in Paros although admittedly it is not visible at first glance. Travelling on the ring road, leaving Parikia and heading west follow the sign, which simply reads “Delfini beach”. Passing freely through the bar-restaurant, you reach a crystal clear sandy beach with clear waters. In addition to the natural beauty of Souvlia beach, there is one of the most beautiful bars – restaurants in Paros ¨Magaya¨, with great food and unique cocktails. Magaya, with its superior construction and beautiful dishes, turns Souvlia beach into something tropical. That is why many people visit it at night, while it will be a significant omission to miss the unique colours that the sky gets at sunset. You will also find Souvlia beach in Paros as DELPHINI Beach.

Souvlia beach is not one of the organized beaches of Paros and has plenty of space for those “hardened” who want to spread their towel under the tamarisk trees. Souvlia beach is exposed to the north wind, the leading wind in the Cyclades, but turn into an earthly paradise with the south.

Agia Irini

An incredible selection of Parikia beaches will find Agia Irini’s beach in Paros, as the palm trees that are along the beach create an exotic feeling for every visitor.

Renting the vehicle of your choice, you will find the beach of Agia Irini, just 4 km from Parikia, in the west of the island, on the ring road that leads to the airport.

These are two small beaches on both sides of a closed windless bay that looks like a lake. Low rocks separate the beaches.

There is a path that connects the two beaches of Agia Irini while you can swim from one coast to another. Its waters are crystal clear and green.

Agia Irini’s beach is the ideal choice for those who do not want to get away from the shores of Parikia.

At the end of the beach is the small church of Agia Irini from where the beach got its name. On the beach of Agia Irini, you will combine your swim with delicious, traditional food from the local taverns that exist around.