Paros, a heavenly place.

Wine in Paros has a remarkable history and tradition. It is no coincidence that in Paros, Agios Giorgis, the Drunkard church is honoured, as the people called it, with a special celebration on November 3. At this time, the locals open and taste the new wines.

From antiquity as the barrels’ opening, it was a wonderful celebration for the people; on November 3, the winemakers organized traditional festivals and revived customs, which have their roots in the Dionysian festivals of the Byzantine years.

Paros, recognized for its outstanding wine as PDO (Protected designation of origin).

Among 33 regions throughout Greece, Paros is the second wine-producing island of the Cyclades after Santorini. Paros is famous for the fine varieties “Mandilaria” (red) and “Monemvasia” (white), as well as for other wines produced by the vineyard of Paros, including sweet white wines included in the Protected Designation of Origin Paros as Malvasia Paros wines. The name Malvasia is geographical and indicates the Byzantine city of Monemvasia during the Franks. Malvasia began to be produced before the 13th century in Byzantine Monemvasia, gaining a wide reputation. No other wine gained so much fame during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and no wine name from then until today has such a fascinating history.

These are appellation of origin wines with superior specifications and rare quality. The road from Parikia to Naoussa can be considered as the route of wine in Paros.

Paros has wineries, accessible to the public, with well-known and rare varieties of wine that combine experience with taste and tradition with modern technology. Above all, however, there is the love for a place wholly blessed and surrendered to its people.

Paros also produces “suma”, which is as good as Parian wine. Suma in Paros is the name of the drink made from the distillation of wine residues such as tsipouro and raki in Crete. The distillation of suma accompanied by the producers in Paros with a big party that is all welcome. Production of suma occurs in November and accompanied by a feast in the areas where there are breweries. The residents of Paros welcome the winter and the big cycle of celebrations with festivities and suma.

Of course, if you like the bitter, light blonde beer, you can always prefer a cool ¨56isles¨ Paros since 2016 produces its beer with excellent taste. Its name came from the 56 small and large islands of the beautiful Cyclades.

Paros also has dairies with its famous gruyere, excellent kefalotyri, mizithra, anthotyro and yoghurt.

It produces its honey, fish, oil, wheat, barley, vegetables, potatoes. Known and famous since antiquity for their taste are the Parian figs.

Renting a car in Paros, you will comfortably and quickly visit all the island’s unique points of interest, and you will experience Paros as a local insider.

You will experience and get to know Paros’ products made with great taste by new producers characterized by the love for their island and the goal to keep alive the tradition, paving the way for an evolutionary path of gastronomic culture.