Just before Naousa, you will find the famous Kolimbithres. The white rocks of this beach are in themselves a natural attraction that you must see up close.

The secular Monastery and the beaches of the Environmental Park of Paros on the peninsula of Ai Giannis of Detis will win you over with their authenticity.

The beach of Laggeri is where nature put all its art. Santa Maria and Ambelas will be unforgettable as each hides its special magic.


Rent the car of your choice in Paros and you will find Kolimbithres beach in the Gulf of Naoussa,10 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros, and 4  km from Naoussa.

At Kolimbithres beach you will find a unique landscape, a natural geological phenomenon,  that you will not find anywhere else in Paros. For millions of years, the elements of nature, such as the winds and the water, played the sculptor’s role on the rocks of the beach, which took strange and impressive shapes.

Due to this unique geophysical phenomenon, rocks abundant in the area, have created small bays with sandy beaches, with an abridged length. The waters in Kolimbithres are crystal clear, warm and shallow. Due to the location of the beach, waves are rare. The rocks in some parts of the beach offer shade to guests, but there is a possibility to rent an umbrella and sunbed, at the official main beach Kolimbithres.

If you need peace and seclusion, you can visit it in the morning to avoid crowds during the summer months at Kolimbithres beach.

Above Kolimbithres beach, on the main road, there are taverns where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and a few kilometres north of Kolimbithres is the Aqua Park with water slides of Paros.

You need to visit the beach of Kolimbithres in Naoussa, to see up close, the exceptional beauty that nature can create, and to dive in its blue waters.

The most traditional way get to Kolimpithres beach is by boats that depart from the port of Naoussa at regular intervals and your means of transport or by bus.


Rent the car of your choice and visit the Monastery, one of the most famous beaches of Paros. It is located on the cape opposite Naousa, in a particular part of the island, one of the northern parts of Paros. Monastiri beach facing the Gulf of Naousa is 12 km from Parikia, the capital of Paros and 7 km from Naousa.

The beach got its name from the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis that dominates the top. The beach is located at the entrance of the Environmental Park of Paros.

Monastiri beach consists of sand and is very well organized. On the beach you will find umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, Beach Bar with finger food, excellent cocktails and a water sports centre with facilities that float and offer many options. Water skiing, banana, water bike are some of them. Many beach visitors also use the beach volleyball court.

The Monastery is famous mainly among the youth and is one of Paros’ cosmopolitan beaches, busy during the summer months. However, the beach is also suitable for children, because the water is shallow for several meters.

In the northern part of the Monastery, there are rocks which challenge the lovers of the mask. So if you are one of them, take the necessary equipment with you.

Many boats anchor in the Monastery as it is located in a bay, the beach is very well protected from the north winds and never has waves. It also has a restaurant with excellent food flavours, which musk in summer.

Access to the beach is either by transport, and you will find ample parking or one of the traditional boats that run regularly from the port of Naoussa.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria beach is located at the northwestern end of Paros, in a picturesque cape, in a large bay. Santa Maria is considered as the beach of Naousa, from which it is only 4 km. Parikia, the capital of Paros, is 15 km from this beach.

The central beach of Santa Maria is long in length and consists of fine sand, which resembles powder with golden colour. Santa Maria’s waters are impressive and crystal clear, with the sand extending to the bottom, reflecting the sun’s rays making the sea look like it contains diamonds.

Following the beach’s main road, there is a smaller and equally beautiful sandy beach, known as Little Santa. It has golden sand, crystal clear and blue waters, with a seabed that will really conquer you.

South of the great Santa Maria, several dunes hold a rare beauty and opportunities for relaxation. The sea has formed small sandy beaches, just a few meters long, giving an ideal solution for moments of calm and seclusion.

Renting a car in Paros, you can easily reach one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The beach of Santa Maria in Paros is very well organized and meets all visitors’ requirements.

Cosmic beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, water sports centres with many options such as windsurfing, water kayak and pedal boat, as well as a diving school where you can rent equipment or take lessons. Along with Santa Maria, there are beach bars which serve coffee, cocktails, drinks and delicious finger foods. If you still want to enjoy a great meal overlooking the sea, visit the bar-restaurant, located right next door, with great food flavours.

Santa Maria Beach often hosts parties from noon until late at night. Due to its size, it ideally combines calm and serenity with entertainment and fun.

Enjoying your swim at Santa Maria beach in Paros, you will have a view of Naxos.

Santa Maria has large and free parking. It is connected to Parikia and Naoussa by regular bus services. You can also reach the beach by one of the traditional boats, which depart from Naoussa or  your own means of transport.


Laggeri is an area of ​​Paros with two beaches. The beaches of Laggeri located between Naoussa and Santa Maria beach and are easily accessible up to a point.

 It is not easy to determine which of the two beaches is called Laggeri.

Rent a car in Paros and discover the most idyllic places of the Cyclades.

One of the beaches of Laggeri is at the northeastern end of the bay of Naoussa. To get there, you have to drive, for a few minutes, on a dirt road from one point onwards.

The beach of Laggeri in Paros has a beautiful sandy beach with fine, off-white sand and extensive dunes, trees and tamarisk trees. It offers complete isolation to lovers of unspoiled nature. This is an idyllic beach, where nature itself generously gives you the beauty and tranquillity of its crystal clear blue waters.

Access to Laggeri beach is by your means of transport, taking the road to Santa Maria. However, it would help if you were careful to turn left on the dirt road to lead you to the beach because the road signs are not visible. Another solution is the KTEL buses of Paros, which make the route to Santa Maria. If you choose it, you will get off at the stop of Zoodochou Pigi, and from there you will walk about 10 to 15 minutes, through a rocky route, to reach the beach.

Arriving, a swim in the waters of Laggeri will compensate you. In recent years, it is a nudist beach and free camping, something that does not affect the peace it offers at all.

Laggeri beach is not an organized beach, and it is a secluded place where you can relax and enjoy nature, tranquillity, and the waves’ sounds.

If you decide to visit it, you should be well prepared. There are no shops nearby, so you should have water and snacks with you as well as a beach umbrella for any shade. There are a few trees, but are not enough to protect you from the sun. If you do not have an umbrella, then it is better to go to the beach in the afternoon, after 6 p.m.


Renting the vehicle of your choice you will wander to all the beaches and beautiful villages of Paros, with flexibility and comfort

Piperi is the main beach of Naoussa in Paros, just 300 meters from the village port and the famous bridge.

Small but extensive sandy beach, in a bay, Piperi beach has crystal clear waters, beautiful sand and pebbles. In Piperi you will find minimal umbrellas and sunbeds because the beach is not organized.

Piperi visited by both the locals of Naoussa and the tourists who live in the village. Piperi beach is suitable for swimming with a mask and flippers. It has impressive rocks on the left and right, almost parallel to the ground and end at sea.

From Piperi beach, you can quickly reach Naoussa, the picturesque taverns and bars, enjoying the village’s picturesque alleys.

It divided into two beaches, Mikro (Piperaki) and Megalo Piperi.

Piperaki is a small cove with tamarisk trees, for the most lonely visitors.

Piperi beach in Naoussa is a choice of swimming in settlement of Naoussa, for a quick and convenient swim, especially for those who do not want to move.

Agioi Anargyroi

Rent the car of your choice in Paros and get to know the beaches of Naousa. The beach of Agioi Anargyroi in Paros located east of Naousa, 800m. about from the picturesque old port and the centre of Naousa. It is a long sandy beach, and in some places, there are smooth round pebbles. Agioi Anargyroi beach has quiet, crystal clear and shallow waters that make it safe for children and ideal for parents. Starting from Naousa, one can walk in 10 minutes.

The beach of Agioi Anargyroi in Paros is organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas and a small beach bar.


Ampelas is a picturesque small fishing village, a beautiful little settlement, located east of Naoussa, about three kilometres away. The three small beaches of Ambelas, located next to each other, have clear, green waters and are ideal for those seeking peace.

The first beach of Ampelas is between two capes which form a windless bay.  That’s why the fishermen have chosen it to anchor their boats.

Below there is another small beach on the steps, under the sea tree and the third you will choose if you are a fan of snorkelling.

Rent a car in Paros and visit the picturesque settlement of Ambelas, swim in the harbor, in the small bay or look for an even quieter option in Aspro Gremos with its warm waters.

The sheltered shallow waters on the beaches of Ampela are crystal clear and blue. They wonderfully combined with the smells of fresh fish from the fish taverns and restaurants literally on the sea, with Naxos visible in the background.

In Ampelas you can combine a fantastic sea bath with genuine Parian cuisine’s unique and traditional food.

You will find one of the small beaches of Ambelas organized with comfortable sunbeds for endless hours of relaxation and with the beach service always at your disposal.

The beach of Ampelas is a must choice for visitors who combine the picturesqueness and flavours of the Cyclades with the relaxation offered by the sea.  You can easily access the beaches of Ampelas by bus from Naoussa, either by your own or rented means of transport.